No Post This Week

This is a busy week. There are a lot of stressful activities going on at the moment. I won’t be able to post this week. I hope any of you going through final exams and whatnot are having a balanced time of relaxing and working hard. Keep it up!

Unfortunate Hiatus

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been posting few and far between my posts.

I have run into some unfortunate circumstances that have rendered me less able to post very much at all. If it were up to me, I would continue this as much as I can, but I just would like to make it officially known that there will be some sort of hiatus going on for the foreseeable future. This website should remain up until at least the end of the year, should you be interested in perusing the previous articles.

It is still possible that I will post new articles, but I cannot guarantee it. Should these circumstances change and I am able to I will return, but otherwise I am stuck a difficult situation.

Thank you for your patience and time. I hope to see you again.


Change in Direction

Originally this was going to be a blog based on game design and talking about good game design in video games, but I think I’m going to head in a more casual direction to literally just talk about games that I like. I won’t delve super deep into game design unless I really feel like it because I don’t have the time in the normal life to do both research and play.

So now this is officially just a casual video game blog.

– Elise

Game Praisers is here!

Hello, you! I’m Elise, also known as “Dryad.” This is Game Praisers. This website is just a small little place to put my thoughts on video games and the good things we can say about them. I want this place to a positive feedback place for video games. There are bad video games out there, and there are even bad aspects in good games, but we want to focus on what good things are going on in video games. We want to focus on what about video games makes us so happy.

So we won’t be denying bad things and we will be discussing some of them, but we want to push the ideas that we as people can learn from our mistakes. I’m talking about us as players and people as developers. Remember that we are all human, and we can’t get better if we never make mistakes. Even the amalgamations of people that are studios will make mistakes, sometimes huge ones, but that doesn’t mean we should discourage dusting ourselves off and trying again.

For now, we are going to be posting articles from the archives.

With that all said, welcome to Game Praisers!